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jasonlambley by jasonlambley @
Despite a nearly void duck migration through the area, a rebound on snow geese and small cacklers boosted our goose numbers to a near record season.  All of this came on some of the best ever quality decoying. The photos below are just a few from our great waterfowl days.
1. After a quick Canada goose limit, the guys added another 70 migrating snows for the morning to finish with 115 birds.
2. First morning of the season produced 8-bird limits for resident hunters to give us 96 Canadas.
3. 112-bird shoot where we were able to watch numerous high flying snows decoy.
4. An 11-man limit as the 2019 blizzard began to hit.

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We're really behind on our updates; we still need to get our spring bear in...and we're already done with fall bear.  Hopefully, we'll catch you up soon. But  we just had to mention that our first Sandhill Crane hunts proved to be successful as two crews that booked the hunt saw solid decoying action with 140 cranes taken. Likely the best decoying was this sunny day where we anchored a 35 bird limit in a short two hours, while another morning limit came on a morning with heavy fog.

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