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Our Fall Bear Season ran an easy 100 percent as all 15 hunters sealed the deal. Despite another year with an enormous berry crop, we got our fall hunters on the scoreboard in quick fashion. Although all the bait sites were hit, they were being hit very weak, so we changed to a consistent bait schedule of trail mix and that put the bears back onto a reasonable hit schedule. Here are the three biggest bears taken for the fall season: Silvana Jester of New Jersey with her massive 380 lb boar, Kurt Stuebs of Minnesota arrowed this 340 lb. bruin, Long-time repeat client Tom Thornton of Deleware had to have his arm twisted by me to shoot this 310 black.

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The 2018 Manitoba spring bear season set the bar for all seasons to follow as we saw what would likely be our best ever spring season.    We took our largest-ever scaled bear at 470 pounds.   The last time I have seen a bear physically this huge was back in 1995, but at a scaled weight (not an outfitter or guide's guesstimate), this bear is legitimate.  Those that have hunted bears long enough have heard enough stories from friends that come back with these estimated weights.  But Nathan's bear was just one of so many huge bears taken during this past spring, that we will be hard-pressed to ever top a season like this. Trail cameras continue to be the ultimate lead in getting us on these big bears, and not wasting time spent on lesser baits.   And the best part of it all is that we had so many other huge bears that beat us during this season that will allow us to roll the dice in our favor for the 2018 fall and 2019 spring season.

Pictures, from top or left, include Nathan Somero and friends with his massive bear; Nathan Somero and his friends behind his massive bear; Hunters look on as Nathan’s bear scales out at 470 pounds; Kelly Rupp with a big ear-tagged cinnamon;
Ben Doxey with big boar; Gunner Steele with huge bear that we have been after for the last three years.
Dick Pitcher elated with this huge boar; Chris Kauffman nailed down this big black; Randy Kamysiak and Ryan Shepard with two massive blacks from the same bait.

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The 2018 Alberta spring results saw yet another exceptional season with numerous big bears taken once again.   Overall, more bears were seen during this spring season, not to mention  more aggressive bears, with three bears taken at just 4, 5, and 8 yards from the ground going into the bait sites!  This is just a sample of some of the great animals taken during our spring 2018 season with the remainder to follow-up in our big annual newsletter.

From top down: Ralph Fleegle completed his hunt first night out; Mike Travis does it again with another massive boar;
Chuck Fornari with an exceptional black (Chuck Fornari didn’t even get into the tree stand on day one with success on this great bear); Hap Mathers came looking for a colored bear, but couldn’t turn this big black down; Bob Currey gets ready to shoot this nice bear at just five yards.

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