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Sitting at my bar with Brad Nault looking at the pics from our  2010 hunt.  What a great hunt!  Hunts from the heart rocks!   I have  been hunting with Jason 10 times and  have always had a great hunt.
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I continue to make an annual trip to bowhunt antelope with Ralph and Lenora Dampman of  Trophy Ridge Outfitters out of Carlisle, Wyoming.  They also operate hunting trips for mule deer, whitetail and elk in beautiful northeast Wyoming.   It's  great hunting and a professionally run operation, but what I like best is that Ralph, Lenora and family are ‘class’ people with that old-school family feel to their operation.  That caring attitude is one of the main reasons they see hunters returning year to year to hunt with them. And they've also taken several bears with us.

Here are a couple of other links to check out:  
Tom Wright of Michigan provided THIS VIDEO  after he and his son hunted waterfowl with us this past fall. And Alan Stam, a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, also provided this SLIDE SHOW of their 2013 waterfowl hunt.

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Because of the cancellation of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania, Interlake Safaris ‘Hunts from the Heart’ will be exhibiting this weekend, Feb. 15-17, at the Indiana Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl Expo in Indianapolis. Our booth changes every year with new mounts from the previous hunting season. Below are pictures of the booth set up in Indianapolis and a photo below it from last year’s show. We'd love to have you stop by, pick up our newest newsletter and we can answer any questions you have about our hunts.

2012 exhibit in Pennsylvania

Scheels Store Manager

My three brothers are all involved in the hunting scene in one way or another. On our way to Indianapolis, we stopped in Springfield, IL, to see Kevin Lambley, and shop at the Scheels store that he manages. If you’re in that area, I encourage you to check out this wonderful shopping spot.

New book published by Bryce Lambley

My oldest brother, Bryce Lambley, is a teacher in Fremont, NE, and also writes outdoor articles, gives speeches and seminars, and has just recently had his second book published. Information on his books as well as other interesting 'stuff' can be found at his website. Check him out by clicking here

Monarch Custom Taxidermy

Another brother, Scott Lambley, teaches in Benkelman, NE, but is also an excellent taxidermist. He can be reached by email at slambley@dcstigers.org if anyone wants to contact him for work on their trophies. This photo shows just a very small part of his own trophy room.

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